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Destiny is a graduate of Arkansas Connections Academy. Destiny became interested in Arkansas Connections Academy because of the constant bullying she had to endure at her old school. She shares her story below:

“The flexible schedule at Arkansas Connections Academy worked well for me, allowing me to volunteer at my local food bank and animal shelter. My favorite subject was science. I loved the experiments and discovering how the scientific world works.

“My teachers were kind and understanding, and I was never afraid to ask for help when I struggled with assessments. In the other school I attended, my teachers didn’t have time to help me in the classes I was having a hard time in. With Connections Academy®, the teachers were always willing to take the time to help their students.

I loved Connections Academy because the teachers were kind and always there for their students when they were needed the most.

— Destiny

“I’m very passionate about my volunteer work at local churches and animal shelters. Since I never knew when I'd be needed, Arkansas Connections Academy allowed me to schedule my schoolwork around my volunteer work. My friends and I love to watch movies and we usually get together every weekend to stay in touch.”

Destiny holding her cat