Andrew Mencer

High School

Andrew Mencer is a high school student at Arkansas Connections Academy. Andrew became interested in Arkansas Connections Academy because he was bullied at his old school and wanted more support in the classroom. He shares his story below:

“What works well for me in the program is being able to do my schoolwork when I want, how I want. I feel that I have learned so much at Arkansas Connections Academy. I am able to study and apply the knowledge in ways that are best for me. I get to do my schoolwork in a comfortable environment and have my dog right beside me.

“My favorite subject is chemistry because I love science. I also like history when we are covering World War II. I really like my teachers, especially Mr. Wilson. My teachers help me understand lessons and listen to me more than I ever got in my old school. These teachers are helpful and friendly. My teachers make me feel like I belong, and I love having discussions with them.

What I love most about Connections Academy® is the flexibility that it provides.

— Andrew

“I am able to volunteer at the local food bank each week. I get to sleep in. I am able to travel. I spent a month camping and doing school and I was able to go to the World War II reenactment in Texas without missing any school.

“I see the friends I have made at Arkansas Connections Academyon school field trips and at the prom. I do outside activities like movies, arcade, and go to the library with friends outside of school. At Arkansas Connections Academy there is no bullying; my day is not rushed through. I get to spend more time on subjects that I need help with and can move on through the ones that I do not. I get breaks and lunch when I want to have them. I am not limited to a rigid daily schedule.”