Is Online Schooling Right for You?


Why Choose Online School?

Online schooling, also known as virtual schooling, can be a great solution for students for whom traditional brick-and-mortar schools are not a good fit. It is a wonderful alternative to homeschool that grants students and their parents access to certified teachers, professionally developed online school curriculum and lessons, and excellent learning materials, all tuition-free and offered for grades K–12 in most states. Students have opportunities to meet with teachers and staff in the safe learning environment of the online classroom for guidance, instruction, and help when needed.

Who Chooses Online Public School?

Online schooling is a great fit for many families, including:

  • parents and students who like the flexible scheduling that online school offers
  • previously homeschooled students
  • students who value a personalized education
  • students for whom traditional schools are not a good fit
  • advanced learners or those seeking more challenging courses for college preparation
  • military families who relocate often
  • career-focused students
  • students struggling to overcome learning difficulties or health issues

Connect with Current and Former Students

We believe that there is a school that is right for every child. Find your local Connections Academy school and connect with a student or alumni who had a similar education journey and see why Connections Academy was the right choice for them.

Benefits of Online Schooling from Home

Some parents are hesitant to choose online school because it is unfamiliar to them, but once enrolled, they discover how well it can work for their children. The online structure allows students to thrive in ways that may not be possible in traditional brick-and-mortar public school systems. Though the benefits of virtual school are plentiful, here are some of the strongest reasons why virtual school could be the right school choice for your family:

  • more flexibility to meet a student’s individual needs
  • alternative opportunities for struggling students to succeed
  • increased use of integrated technology, resulting in better preparation for the future
  • fewer distractions and time fillers
  • more opportunities for one-on-one interaction with instructors
  • additional growth opportunities, including Advanced Placement® courses,*college acceleration programs, gifted and talented courses, and special needs programs

Online School from Home vs. Homeschooling

Although both may occur in the home, there are many differences between online schools vs. homeschools. An online learning environment allows children to receive the attention and involvement from parents that is typically found with homeschooling, but it brings more resources for learning.

What is Online School?

With virtual school, your family can enjoy a high degree of flexibility without sacrificing the benefits of professional teaching expertise and accountability. Online schools may include:

  • state-certified public school teachers
  • licensed school counselors
  • grades and assessment testing
  • established curriculum that meets state standards
  • administrators
  • attendance policies and other best practices
  • accreditation of school, provider, or sponsoring organization

Because this is public school, the school is accessible to families of all income levels and backgrounds. Learn how you can get started at an online school today.

How to Enroll in K–12 Online School

Getting started with Connections Academy virtual school isn’t difficult, but it may take a bit of time—so start enrollment early! Parents will need to complete the necessary forms, which can be done online using your computer or mobile device, then provide any requested documents. 

After we verify the information, prepare your student’s course placement, and confirm the details with you, your student’s texts and materials can be shipped.

* AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.

† Connections Academy is a division of Connections Education, which is accredited by Cognia, formerly AdvancED.

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