Online Homeschool Alternative for Grades K–12


Online Homeschool Alternative for Grades K–12

Deciding to homeschool your child is a big commitment. As a homeschooling parent, you develop lesson plans. You grade homework and quizzes. You teach. Ultimately, you are dedicated to and responsible for your K–12 homeschooler’s education. What if you could have the benefits and personal involvement of homeschooling without bearing all of the responsibility yourself?

Online Virtual Homeschooling is a Great Option for Many Families

Connections Academy®is a tuition-free online public school for K–12 students that is aligned with state educational standards, and foster students’ love of learning. Students learn from teachers who specialize in teaching K–12 online using our award-winning curriculum, all from the comfort of your own home—and on your schedule.

Virtual Homeschooling vs. Online Public School

Many parents confuse virtual school with homeschooling. It’s understandable. Both methods involve learning from home. Both methods accommodate flexible schedules. Both methods require personal involvement from parents. Yet, there are key differences that can make an online public school an excellent alternative to homeschooling for students in grades K–12.

With online homeschooling programs, the parent serves as the child’s teacher for all subjects. He or she researches the curriculum, develops the assignments, and grades all student work. At an online public school, certified teachers develop a personalized learning plan for each student, and periodically meet with students for real-time instruction and lessons in the virtual classroom. They also grade assignments, quizzes, and provide ongoing feedback to students by phone and email.

Is an Online Public School Diploma Recognized?

Many students attending accredited homeschool programs are required to take the GED exam to earn a credential recognized in higher education and the workforce. Students graduating from a Connections Academy-supported virtual public school can earn an official high school diploma without this extra step, and are well prepared for college, career, and life.

Is an Online Public School from Home Right for Your Family?

Connections Academy-supported online homeschool programs allow your child the flexibility to learn at home, while benefiting from online courses taught by dedicated, certified teachers.  Search for Connections Academy schools in your area.