Who We Are

With K–12 schools in states across the U.S., Connections Academy® is making online public school work for all kinds of students.
Our Mission

Igniting a Passion for Virtual Learning

When K–12 public school from home is done right, students from all walks of life can move closer to their biggest goals. The quietly intellectual and the boldly adventurous. Artists and athletes. No matter a student’s dreams or personality, our teachers and staff work to meet their unique needs while exciting them about the power of online schooling and learning.

Supported by Pearson, the world’s learning company, Connections Academy partners with parents to give students the support they need to find fulfillment, adapt to challenges and embrace their full potential in a virtual learning school. Your child’s future is waiting. Together, we can help them make it bright.

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The Role of Students

How Does Online School Work?

Every student is different. So we make sure each student is following the right learning path for them.

Does your child need to be challenged to stay engaged in learning? Do they need online homeschool programs to fit their school day around practices? Do they need frequent support to stay on track? Do they need an alternative to an accredited homeschool program? Whatever they need, we’re here for them and all of their online schooling needs. Your child will:

  • Follow a Personalized Performance Learning® plan designed to nurture their strengths and help them overcome their challenges
  • Spend school days completing lessons in their online classroom and working on their own
  • Connect with teachers whenever they need support
  • Learn in an online school environment that helps them flourish in school
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The Role of Parents

Partners in the Learning Journey

At Connections Academy, you can be more than a caregiver. You’ll be a Learning Coach. This means you’ll be there to help your child learn and grow by providing the support they need. As a Learning Coach, you will:

  • Receive an online orientation and resources to bolster your confidence and ensure you can succeed in your role
  • Assist your child on a daily basis by monitoring attendance, staying in touch with teachers and helping with learning activities when needed
  • Evolve your role as your child grows, taking steps back as they move up grade levels and gain independence
  • Be there for some of the most important moments of your child’s life
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A Day In the Life

How Does Online School Work?

Imagine having a school day that better fits the rhythms of your life. At Connections Academy, we give you more freedom in how your child’s school day works. While some tasks are on a fixed schedule, many others offer flexibility, allowing you to schedule certain accredited homeschool programs K-12 at whatever time of day is best for your child and your family.

From young performers who need time to practice on their craft to teenage entrepreneurs starting a business to children whose health requires frequent breaks, we make public school possible for all kinds of students.

Learn more and see how our students schedule their day

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Wherever you are, we want to help your child go far. Learn about the Connections Academy vs. K-12.

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