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Steve Rosenoff

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Steve Rosenoff is a high school math teacher at Washington Connections Academy (WACA). He began teaching in 1999 and joined WACA in 2019. He earned a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Washington and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Boise State University. He also earned a master’s in science education from the University of Phoenix. Mr. Rosenoff shares more about himself below:

“I have always been a teacher. I have been tutoring math and science since 1969 when I was a middle school science teacher’s aide in Mr. Dooby’s science class.

“I like being on the cutting edge at Washington Connections Academy. The internet is a powerful teaching tool. It provides real-time access to the most advanced and current information. It also results in fewer distractions for students and more effective use of teaching time.

“At Washington Connections Academy, students are supported by both parents and teachers as they utilize the newest technology. Our school community provides great teamwork and support; but also, the ability to help students via multiple avenues. It allows me to engage student-specific learning styles with fresh methodologies.

“Connections Academy and its teachers are co-laborers with you in your child’s education. We are here to help, not to replace your authority in your home.”

On the weekends and during the summer, Mr. Rosenoff is a National Rifle Association Range Safety Officer and helps teach firearm safety classes. He believes that every gun owner should attend a gun safety class annually.

I like being on the cutting edge at Washington Connections Academy.
— Mr. Rosenoff