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Meet the Assistant Principal

Ann Hopkins-Austin

Assistant Principal

Ann Hopkins-Austin

Ann Hopkins-Austin is the assistant principal at Washington Connections Academy (WACA). She began teaching in 1992 and joined WACA in 2017.

“I'm an adventurer at heart. My passion for learning new information and passing on that knowledge to others naturally led me to a career in education. My father was a Washington State public school teacher for over thirty years, and I am proud to be able to continue the tradition.

I studied at the University of Washington's Jackson School of International Studies and received my BA in 1992. Soon after graduating from the UW (Go, Huskies!), I began teaching overseas and returned to the Pacific Northwest to further my education and pursue my career in teaching. In 1996, I was awarded a master of arts degree in teaching from the University of Puget Sound, and in 2015 I completed the Principal Certification program at Seattle Pacific University.

I love WACA because of our ability to offer students and families a world-class education in an innovative environment. Through WACA's online courses, students are able to receive a public education while pursuing their interests and hobbies. I also love partnering with parents and dedicated colleagues to provide an education in a supportive environment for students.

Learning in an online school expands the idea that formal education takes place within school walls. Lifelong learning is promoted and encouraged. At WACA, students learn how to use technology for a dedicated and positive purpose. Our curriculum is world-class. offering students up-to-date texts and information that is aligned with national education standards. Because of these standards, students are able to compete on an international level with their peers.

What makes WACA so special is the culture of our school. We have a group of educators and families who are dedicated to the belief that all students can learn at high levels of achievement. We work collaboratively to achieve this shared educational purpose.

At WACA, your student will have access to award-winning curriculum and Washington State–certificated teachers. With parent support, guidance, and encouragement, students can master challenging academic material and succeed here at WACA.

I enjoy exploring our beautiful Pacific Northwest with my children. Most weekends we find ourselves hiking our local Olympic National Park trails or visiting family and museums in the Seattle area. I practice yoga and love to bike and read. My family, neighbors, and faith community are central parts of my life. I am grateful and happy to work with an outstanding group of teachers, parents, and students.”