Image of Ms. Malan

Sammie Malan

Elementary School Teacher

Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education; Master’s Degree, Special Education

Sammie Malan started teaching at Utah Connections Academy in 2020. She teaches fifth grade and is also the school’s 504 coordinator for students in grades 8 – 12.

The Online School Experience at Utah Connections Academy

Teaching online is a wonderful experience. I’ve found that students are not only successful in this environment, but they also thrive. You can learn from anywhere! Teachers at this school are very connected not only to our students, but also to their families — we have a unique relationship with them. 

At this school, we work hard to create a culture of excellence, support and belonging, all of which impact our students' learning and well-being. Learning Coaches have an in-depth view of their student’s education. We’re glad our students and families are here with us at Utah Connections Academy! 

My Hobbies and Interests

I’m married and have seven children, three grandchildren, and two dogs. We love to travel, and I often “bring my students along” by sharing experiences, pictures, and information about where I visit. Reading is my favorite pastime. If you recommend a book, I will read it. Marching band is my jam! The saxophone is my instrument of choice, and I love going to Drum Corps performances. I was a barrel racer, and you’ll often find me at the rodeo. 

"I call what happens here “learning with a view” because we are so connected to our families."

— Ms. Malan