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Resources for Learning and Teaching Online from Connections Academy

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has changed. But we’re willing to bet one thing hasn’t: your commitment to the well-being of your kids.

Our goals at Connections Academy® haven’t changed either. For the past 20 years, we’ve helped thousands of students learn, grow, and prepare for the future through high-quality online education. So whether you’re trying virtual schooling for the first time or have been learning from home for years, we’re here to help. Explore the tools and resources you need to succeed with K–12 online school now and for years to come. Together, we can keep our kids learning as we continue to adjust to the changing world.


Resources for Families

Want to learn new ways to keep students engaged while learning from home? Our tips and tricks can help.

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Resources for Educators

Find helpful tips for educators dedicated to giving their students a stable learning environment throughout the year.

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As our world continues to navigate our new normal, it’s more important than ever to keep moving forward. Every day, parents and educators are doing all they can to give students the stability and resources they need to keep growing and learning.

— Mickey R.


Meet Our Experts

Amanda Ebel

Director of Leadership Development (Moderator)

Amanda serves as a leadership coach for principals at Connections Academy-supported schools. Previously she was a classroom teacher, a school administrator, and the leader of South Carolina Connections Academy.

Colleen Gaard

Instructional Leadership Specialist

Colleen provides coaching and support to administrators at three Connections Academy-supported schools. She was a teacher at Indiana Connections Academy, where she also served as an assistant principal.

Noel Spalding

Director, Special Populations Consulting

Noel impacts student success by supporting the managers and teachers serving students in special populations. She has 22 years’ experience as a special education teacher, school leader, and program administrator.

Morgan Champion

Director of School Counseling

Morgan works with school counselors implementing best practices for students’ academic and social/emotional needs and college/career readiness. Previously she was a school administrator, counselor, and teacher.

Kim Francese

Manager of Learning Coach Support

Kim leads the team that supports adults who coach online school students learning at home. She has been a special educator in traditional and virtual school and was also a Learning Coach for her own child.

Mandi Brazill

School Leader, Kansas Connections Academy

Mandi has served as the school leader and assistant principal for Kansas Connections Academy. Before joining Connections Academy, she spent 6 years teaching high school students in a traditional classroom.

Karen Roper

Director of Instructional Leadership Consulting Services

With 25+ years’ experience in education, Karen leads the team that provides training and professional development to help Connections Academy teachers advance instruction and maximize student achievement.

Jordan Churchill

Director of Special Education, Colorado Connections Academy

Before joining Connections Academy in 2017, Jordan was dedicated to meeting students’ special needs, serving in facility schools, intensive learning centers, and providing behavioral analytic services to students.

Sharon Jaso

Special Education Director, Kansas Connections Academy

A nationally board-certified teacher, Sharon taught special education for 18 years to students in kindergarten to age 21. She has a doctorate and mentors teachers seeking certification in exceptional needs.

LaQuisha Leath

Assistant Principal, International Connections Academy

With 19+ years’ experience in education, LaQuisha holds an education specialist degree in curriculum and instruction. Before joining our online private school, she was a teacher and a school leader.

Christine Hayes

Vice President of School Academic Services

Christine leads the teams that provide Connections Academy-supported schools with leadership development and consulting services for school counseling, instructional leadership, and more. She began her career as a teacher and went on to support public school partnerships nationally for several education companies.

Kristie Clements

Director of Schools

With 28 years’ experience in education as a principal, in public district and state-level department of education roles, and more, Kristie works to provide quality online education programs to schools.

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