Priya Malhotra

Priya Malhotra

Priya Malhotra is a middle school student at Texas Connections Academy @ Houston (TCAH). At TCAH, she has more time for her many interests, including learning new languages, playing violin, and even studying math. Learn more about Priya’s story below.

Prior to coming to TCAH, Priya attended a traditional bricks-and-mortar school, which did not offer the extracurricular courses she wanted such as French or Mandarin. She had friends who were enrolled in TCAH and were able to tell her about the flexible, yet challenging, learning program. When her family enrolled Priya in TCAH, they were pleased that the school counselors reviewed her credentials to ensure that she would be enrolled in challenging courses. Additionally, they found that she would have the time to compete in math and music competitions, volunteer to help other students with their studies, and to socialize with friends.

Outside of academics, Priya’s passion is music. She plays piano and violin, and loves being a part of a philharmonic orchestra. In order to keep her activities organized and set goals for herself, Priya keeps a time sheet. She says, “I love TCAH because it allows me the flexibility to plan and progress as much I want. In the past, my math coach would tell us, ‘You have to work hard only to compete against yourself!’ Until a year ago, I never really understood this well, especially in practice. One does tend to compete against others so often that it is easy to get lost in the rat race.

TCAH has actually helped me improve my grades because I am not in a traditional classroom setting. I can only see my performance results—I don’t know how other students are doing. TCAH has given me the opportunity to work harder because I am only competing against myself. I am learning that this is a self-paced, self-motivated study program, and I am enjoying that the course schedule provides a full picture of what to expect in the next weeks or month. Thus, I can plan my schoolwork accordingly. I also love that my teachers communicate so promptly and post grades quickly with comments.”

I love TCAH because it allows me the flexibility to plan and progress as I want.
— Priya