David Kosub

TCAH Learning Coach David and his daughter

David Kosub lives with his family in San Antonio, Texas. After enrolling his daughter in Texas Connections Academy @ Houston, he has seen her grades improve dramatically, since she is now able to work at the pace that is right for her. Keep reading to learn more of David’s story.

Texas Connections Academy @ Houston is a wonderful school. After we enrolled my daughter at TCAH, she became an A and B student for the first time in her school career. The online format is just what we needed. The courses are great. They are interesting and challenging at the same time. My daughter can work on assignments and lessons at her own pace, and her teachers are available for individual sessions via the LiveLesson® platform, should the need arise for extra instruction.

Previously, we had a lot of issues with my daughter’s education. She had been unsuccessful in traditional public schools and even in charter schools. She had been held back twice because of failing grades. She had trouble maintaining attention and needs individual, one-on-one instruction. Attending TCAH has solved these problems.

I would like to personally thank the teachers of TCAH for helping my daughter become successful in her schooling.”

After we enrolled her at Texas Connections Academy @ Houston, my daughter became an A and B student for the first time in her school career.
— David