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All kinds of Tennessee students are finding their way forward thanks to the classes, teachers and unique opportunities of Tennessee Connections Academy.
Creating Opportunity

A Tuition-Free Online Public School in Tennessee

Tennessee students deserve the chance to go far in life. Tennessee Connections Academy helps them get there by engaging their minds, building their character and preparing them for a changing world. We’ll partner with you to give your child what they need to become what they want to be.

Tennessee Connections Academy is a tuition-free, K–12 online public school that students attend from home. Tennessee Connections Academy’s community of schools is approved through the Tennessee Public Virtual Schools Act and the Tennessee Department of Education.

Our History

Helping Tennessee Students Succeed Since 2019

Tennessee Connections Academy opened as a tuition-free online public school in Tennessee in 2019 and has been helping students ignite their passions and find a path to success ever since.

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Tennessee certified
teachers specially trained in online learning

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Public school
fully online with no tuition

Our mission

The mission of Tennessee Connections Academy is to help each student maximize his or her potential and meet the highest performance standards though a uniquely individualized learning program.


See how the Tennessee Connections Academy community strives for excellence. 

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The Tennessee Connections Academy Experience

How Online Public School Can Lead Your Child to Success

Passionate Teachers

Tennessee Connections Academy teachers love what they do. Every day, they get to help students explore the world, finding new ways to engage their students’ minds and spark their curiosity. Tennessee state-certified and specially trained in online education, our teachers are the guides who lead students toward a bright future.

Meet Our Staff

Empowered Parents

As a Tennessee Connections Academy parent, you’ll have the opportunity to be a part of your child’s learning journey. As their Learning Coach, you’ll be able to help them stay on track. And we’ll be by your side, making sure you have everything you need to give your child the best support.

Discover Our Parents’ Role

Strong Community

Parents, students, teachers and staff are the heart of Tennessee Connections Academy. And, together, we’ve formed a community committed to collaboration in everything we do. This helps every student grow socially and emotionally while expanding their mind.

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Tennessee Connections Academy is a community of authorized online public schools that serve students in grades K–12.

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