Time-Management Personality Quiz for Students

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Time Management Personality Styles image - a woman using sticky notes to keep track of her tasks.

Time management is the ability to use one’s time efficiently and effectively, and it is critical for being successful in managing responsibilities, schoolwork, and personal relationships. Time-management skills ultimately help people to find and achieve balance in life—something that is critical for online students with busy schedules. Good time-management skills can also help people to improve self-discipline, improve academic performance, relieve stress, feel more fulfilled, and practice critical thinking and decision-making.

There are different time-management personality types including: The Early Bird, The Multitasker, The Helper, and The Deliberator. Each of these personalities has their own benefits and drawbacks, and knowing your time-management personality can help you choose the best strategies that work for you. It can also alert you to some of the possible challenges that you may face while learning how to manage time better.

Take this quiz to find your time-management personality type as well as some strategies that can help you learn how to improve your time-management skills.

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