Trivia for Kids: 4 Apps to Keep Your Students Learning

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It often seems like kids are born with an innate ability to operate technology. It's common to see even toddlers wandering around with a screen in hand. And today’s technology can do more than just entertain. 

Your kids can get more from their devices than just crushing candy or watching their favorite YouTube clips over and over again. Kids can stretch their minds, improve their memories, and increase their knowledge of a variety of topics with low-cost or free trivia apps.

Benefits of Trivia for Kids

Whether waiting at the doctor's office, stuck in traffic, or simply spending some downtime at home, trivia apps can entertain and teach your kids. The competitive aspect encourages children to learn more and try harder to win, and you can benefit from the break as your child is entertained, occupied, and learning—all at the same time!

Inexpensive and Free Quiz Apps for Students

Naturally, it's always recommended that parents visit a website to be sure it is appropriate for their students. Be sure to remind kids to follow Internet safety practices, too! 

Keep reading for our list of five inexpensive or free trivia apps for your kids to try.

Trivia 360 – FREE

Trivia 360 allows you and your kids to put your knowledge to the test of just about any topic under the sun. This means there are quiz categories for everyone in the family. Whether you've got a kid with the geography bug or a young budding literary genius, your family will love going head-to-head against each other.

Regardless of the category, each quiz is multiple-choice, and   Trivia 360 has a lot of replay value, but seasoned players may notice some of the same questions starting to pop up again if they stick with a particular category. So, encourage your young learners to stretch themselves and try to master new categories.

With over 5 million downloads, Trivia 360 is free with ads, and users are able to do as many quizzes as they'd like, so if you want to limit screen time, it may be best to set a timer when using this app.

Heads Up! Kids – $4.99

Heads Up! Kids is a family-friendly app for iOS that is designed for players ages 4 and up. Players will try to guess the picture that the other player is holding on their head! Answer questions from diverse categories including animals, items around the house, and actions. The app allows for any number of players.

Heads Up! Kids is an educator-designed app with questions adapted to various age groups so the whole family can get involved. The game progresses with fun characters you can meet, dress, and customize throughout game play. Many questions use cartoon-style pictures, so even if your little ones can’t quite read yet, they can join in the fun.

There are no in-app purchases or advertisements, making this game safe for your children to play without using additional device settings.

Jeopardy!® World Tour – FREE

Fans of the popular game show will love sharing this classic game with their kids. Join Alex Trebek on a trip across the virtual globe with this free, ad-supported app.

Jeopardy! World Tour will test your children's knowledge of a wide variety of topics. You might find that your house is full of "fun facts" after they’ve played a few rounds, as even wrong answers lead to greater knowledge.

The app offers some of the gameshow’s tried-and-true features, like the daily double, but it also introduces power-ups like extra time to answer. The app is free, but there are opportunities for in-game purchases. So, if you are worried about that, make sure to enable the proper settings to block purchases on your device.

Trivia Quest™ Kids Trivia – FREE

This trivia app for iOS was designed specifically for children. With new trivia added daily, your kids will enjoy hours of fun answering questions geared toward their age group.

Trivia Quest™ Kids Trivia is free and easy to use. It features a straightforward layout and simple vocabulary with large buttons that work perfectly for young children. The app will present your kids with multiple-choice questions that offer more than one attempt to get the question right. Players earn "gems" according to how many attempts it takes to correctly answer the question.

You lose a "life" every time you answer a question incorrectly, but the lives regenerate over time.

The app does offer in-app purchases and ads, so be aware of that when you download it onto your device. 

Keep it Fun and Educational

An educational trivia app can be a great supplement to a child’s education. But if you get an educational app for your students that they love, they may not notice that they're actually learning something—because they'll be having so much fun!

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