Six Ways Online School Counselors Support Students

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A public online school offers school guidance counselors for K–12 students, providing  services that are similar to what you would find in a traditional school setting. School counselors assist with course scheduling, understanding graduation requirements, college and scholarship searches, and even navigating social and emotional needs.

Every Connections Academy®–supported school has counseling services that go beyond traditional expectations, and these services are available to all enrolled students. Your student’s virtual school counselor uses an individualized approach as a guide through the exciting process of self-discovery. 

Here are some of the ways an online school guidance counselor can help:

Help with Personal Graduation Plans

Your student can plan a path to graduation with a school counselor. Also known as the four-year plan, the graduation plan will list all required courses needed to meet graduation requirements, along with any required testing. An online school counselor will review your academic history to determine the next steps.

Plan for a Future in College, Career, or Military

Not sure which career or college is right? Perhaps your student is more interested in different branches of the military? The school counselor can help your student get ready for college and direct you to resources such as self-assessments, guidance lessons, online tools, and even college visits as you explore options for the future. Some schools also offer early career schooling and career skill-building opportunities to students. Reach out to their counselor to see what programs are available. 

Register for the ACT, SAT, or PSAT Tests

College entrance exams are an important step in the college application process. The school counselor can assist in that process by helping students meet the deadlines for registering and providing extra pep talks and motivation to keep them engaged.

Apply for Scholarships and Financial Aid

Online school counselors not only direct students to resources for paying for college, but they may also provide letters of recommendation upon request.

Support for Students with Social and Emotional Needs

A school counselor can offer support and resources for students who need social and emotional support. Counselors are caring, trained professionals who have a master’s degree in school counseling. They can help students by using solution-focused strategies for managing stress, resolving conflicts, or other tough situations in their personal lives. For those who need additional long-term counseling or therapeutic support, they can provide resources and referral to another mental health professional. 

Work through Academic Struggles

Does your student struggle academically? While school counselors will not be able to help with the course content (subject area teachers can), they can help identify learning styles and offer resources to help develop effective study skills.

A school counselor looks forward to partnering with students on their academic journey. Students can email, call, or meet with a counselor in their virtual office for support. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how online schools help students meet academic and life goals, explore our schools by state. 

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