Lydia Acker

Lydia Acker


Lydia Acker and her twin sister, Logan, are graduates of South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA). SCCA’s flexible scheduling allowed Lydia to balance athletics and academics. Learn more about her story below.

Lydia’s favorite subjects were history, biology, and mathematics and she also loved creative writing. Lydia became an Honor Roll student and appreciated that her teachers were always available when she needed them. She was able to easily call or email her teachers when she had a question about a project or a problem.

By concentrating on her academics in the morning and a few hours on the weekends, Lydia was able to juggle her demanding ballet schedule and the challenging academics of SCCA. She attended more than twenty hours of dance classes per week and was a member of the International Ballet’s senior company. Lydia was also accepted by prestigious dance company summer programs in New York City and at the Chautauqua Institution in upstate New York.

What I liked most about South Carolina Connections Academy is the freedom to create my own decisions about my academic studies as well as the knowledge of self-sufficiency that has followed. I also enjoyed the freedom that has allowed me to pursue my interests in ballet.

— Lydia

Lydia’s dream is to dance for a ballet company. Even if she does not become a professional dancer, she plans to obtain a college degree and possibly pursue a career as a teacher.

Lydia Acker

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