Bailey Greemon

SCCA student Bailey in a costume

Bailey Greemon is a high school student at South Carolina Connections Academy (SCCA). She is a busy performer who enjoys that she can do her work anywhere that she can take her laptop. Her mom shares more below.

“Bailey is an aspiring ‘triple threat.’ She takes dance classes Monday–Thursday at her studio and also has private ballet at home. She takes a voice lesson each week, participates in dance conventions, and performs in shows around the Charlotte area as well. Last summer, she was cast in a principle role by the choreographer and actress, Debbie Allen, in her show Brothers of the Knight. Bailey lived in L.A. to rehearse for three weeks, and then she hit the road to perform in five cities across the country. Needless to say, she proved herself to us, and we started looking into an alternate to bricks-and-mortar school to allow for training, auditioning, and performing.

Bailey has the ability to do her work when her schedule allows with no ‘ school bell’ to start and end her day; this has really helped with her planning, decision making, and organizing skills. Her favorite subjects are math and English language arts. Math is challenging, but she likes that her teacher makes it fun to learn. She loves to write so that is why she enjoys ELA. Her teacher has asked to use a couple of her essays as examples, so that made her very happy!

She has great relationships with her teachers and is very comfortable contacting them through WebMail or by phone if she needs help. Her homeroom teacher will call randomly just to say ‘Hi’ and lots of times, they talk about Bailey’s life outside of school, which she likes. Bailey also really enjoys the LiveLesson® sessions when she can interact with the teacher and her classmates; she enjoys the discussion questions in assignments because it is neat to see what others’ opinions are. We have been thoroughly impressed with SCCA, the curriculum, and the teachers. We definitely made the right choice for Bailey!”

What I love most about SCCA is the flexibility. I want to sing, dance, and act, and they all require a lot of practice and training. I like that I can go on an audition or can get new headshots done without having to worry about getting out of school. I also like that I don't have any homework and that I can sleep in on the mornings that I am really tired!
— Bailey