Professional headshot of Leslie Roberts

Leslie Roberts

Secondary Teacher

Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Arts in Teaching, Master of School Administration (EdS.), Morehead State University

Leslie Roberts started teaching in 2005 and joined Lowcountry Connections Academy (LCCA) in 2021, where she teaches math to students in middle school. According to Ms. Roberts, the most rewarding part of teaching at LCCA is the connections she makes with students, families, and colleagues.

Why I Became a Teacher

I felt called to teach from the time I was in high school. My love of math, and my ability to help others make sense of it, sparked a passion and desire to use education to reach students wherever they are.

I like breaking the class into small groups to allow students to explore and problem-solve with their peers. Students love the opportunity to work this way; it allows them to strengthen the connections they have in the classroom.

The Online Experience at Lowcountry Connections Academy

One of my favorite classroom activities is our warm-up question. I use these questions to spark conversations with students in order to get to know them a little better and to help them get to know me and their peers better. We do this for a few minutes before each class and discuss questions thatwouldn’t necessarily come up in the natural course of class discussions. It’s a fun way to help students engage and become more comfortable in the virtual classroom.

“I love being able to foster relationships with students, families, and colleagues through various forms of communication with the aid of technology.”

— Ms. Roberts

What Families Considering This School Should Keep in Mind

I would love for every parent to understand that we’re on the same team and that our goal at Lowcountry Connections Academy is to be partners with them in the education of their student.

An education here is thorough and challenges each student right where they are. I love that every student here has the resources to be successful no matter where they come from. This school is structured to meet the needs of each student as an individual and gives them a path toward a successful future.