Headshot of Ms. Woenker

Cathleen Woenker

Special Education Teacher

Bachelor's Degree, Special Education, Bowling Green State University

Cathleen Woenker started teaching in 2020 and joined Lowcountry Connections Academy in 2021. She teaches special education to students in kindergarten through eighth grade. According to Ms. Woenker, the most rewarding part of her job is “the connections that I am able to make with students and their families.” 

Why She Became a Teacher

Ms. Woenker became a teacher “to inspire and guide my students to become the best version of themselves through not only academics, but also through the many skills we all use daily. I can still remember my favorite teacher in high school and the impact he made by simply making me feel understood.

“Throughout the years in that classroom, I was more than a student. I was a person with my own strengths and set of skills that were amplified through different strategies he provided me with.”

The Online Experience at Lowcountry Connections Academy

Ms. Woenker fosters student engagement and interaction “by encouraging my students to talk to their peers during [on-camera] LiveLesson® [sessions] and encouraging them to join clubs and activities not only at [the school] but also in their communities. To meet the unique needs of my students, we participate in a lot of virtual field trips. 

“One of my favorite classroom activities is playing games that involve game boards. I use game boards that I created and incorporate different skills. My students love that it feels like a game, but little do they know they are learning. It is a perfect example of learning is fun!”

What Families Considering This School Should Keep in Mind

According to Ms. Woenker, “There are many options at Lowcountry Connections Academy for your student to succeed. The virtual learning environment and culture [here] opens opportunities for students to grow beyond the classroom.

“An education at [this school] helps students prepare for a bright and successful future by teaching them beyond the classroom. The students … have the opportunity to be a part of a structured, flexible schedule. 

“They are able to take part in clubs, activities, sports, and much more in their communities … all while learning from home. Teachers and Learning Coaches are able to work alongside each other to ensure the best educational experience for students both within the school setting and outside.”

Ms. Woenker’s Personal Interests

“I enjoy being with my two dogs, going to the beach, and visiting my family in Ohio,” says Ms. Woenker.

“I love that I am able to meet students right where they are and support them in many different ways in the virtual environment.”

— Ms. Woenker