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Online programs in Rhode Island allows students to be able to safely learn from anywhere with an internet connection. All K–12 online program students in Rhode Island can grow both academically and socially, with the support of caring, certified teachers. Online programs can provide a consistent education for students throughout their entire K–12 education journey.

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Students who are state residents have the option to complete schooling in an online program in Rhode Island, like Rhode Island Connections Academy. In the online program, Rhode Island students can learn from home by connecting to their teachers and curriculum online, with the flexibility to complete lessons at the pace that works best for their learning preference. Rhode Island Connections Academy is a great option for families who think an online program is the right choice for their child.


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Online students in Rhode Island have the freedom and flexibility to complete their education at home, allowing your student to receive an online education no matter where you live. Students access curriculum and lessons, as well as build valuable connections with teachers and peers. Many Rhode Island online programs also offer in-person field trips and socialization opportunities.

Rhode Island online high school students have to complete the required number of courses needed to graduate. Online high school in Rhode Island can provide a high-quality education and prepare your student for success. There are also Rhode Island virtual middle schools and elementary schools that are designed to ready students for their futures.

In online programs, students learn at home, much like students who are homeschooled. However, as a parent to an online program student, you will have a planned curriculum as well as the support of caring and qualified teachers. So while you’ll be actively involved in your student’s studies, you won’t have to provide a well-balanced education on your own.

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