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How does Pennsylvania online public school work?

With our Pennsylvania online public school, students in grades K–12 learn from home, in a safe environment, with parents involved in the role of the Learning Coach. Students use the internet to access our online learning portal and work independently on lessons and also to meet with teachers and classmates during live, online classroom sessions. If needed, teachers are available to provide help to students in small groups or one-on-one.

Schools near me

Is there a Pennsylvania online school K–12 students can attend?


Reach Cyber Charter School is a Pennsylvania online school K–12 students can attend to receive a high- quality, individualized education. As a Pennsylvania online public school, Reach Cyber is available to students statewide and is completely tuition-free, with all texts and learning materials included. Families may also request a laptop computer to use while enrolled.

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Virtual learners use an award-winning K–12 curriculum that meets Pennsylvania state standards and promotes the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills students will need for success in higher education and beyond. Parents can personalize students’ programs with elective courses that interest them or further their personal goals, choosing from options such as art, music, computer programming, world languages, advanced sciences, career exploration, and more.

Families appreciate the increased schedule flexibility they have with Pennsylvania online school options. A student’s learning day can be planned around family time, special interests, health needs, and personal responsibilities. This makes it possible for students to work at their own pace on daily lessons, taking more time with challenging subjects or moving swiftly through lessons that are more easily understood.

Online high school students have three flexible pacing options for graduation: traditional, extended, and accelerated. Students choose from:

  • attending on a traditional school schedule
  • taking a lighter load spread out over fall, spring, and summer semesters
  • taking a full load in all three semesters to graduate early

Online schooling in Pennsylvania is known for a schoolwide focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. In all disciplines, students benefit from STEM problem-solving activities that promote scientific inquiry and exploration. Our weather station and partnership with Harrisburg University of Science and Technology are just two examples of the enriching, real-world applications that bring science to life and spark student curiosity.

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