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With California online school, parents act as Learning Coaches—not as the main teacher. There are caring, credentialed teachers who work with students, providing instruction and tailoring the curriculum to give each student a personalized learning plan. And California virtual school gives families a comprehensive, approved, high-quality curriculum for students in transitional kindergarten through grade. Parents don’t have to select and pay for the curriculum or make sure that it meets their child’s needs. Connections Academy®–supported online schools in California give families a safe and supportive way to attend school from home.

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Grades TK–12 for California online school students to thrive with teacher-led instruction.

Wide selection of courses and electives to keep students motivated.


Online clubs and activities for peer interaction and socialization.

UC A–G approved core and foreign language courses for the high school online program, as well as NCAA-approved courses.

National Honor Society and the National Junior Honor Society.

Safe, supportive at-home learning.

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Students in California public virtual schools do school from home, with lessons delivered online. They attend school through our online learning portal, where they access lessons and coursework, complete and turn in assignments, and interact with peers. Students also meet with teachers for live, teacher-led group instruction and one-one-one, individualized attention.
Parents or other caregivers play an important role in online school. They support the learning day by keeping their student motivated, accountable, and on track to succeed.
Families have more freedom to set a learning schedule that works best for them. As long as students finish lessons and coursework on time, they have more room in the day to pursue their individual skills and interests.

We serve our online students in transitional kindergarten through grade 12 with an academically rigorous curriculum that includes all core courses in reading, math, science, and social studies. Students can choose to add electives, like art, music, drama, robotics, and more. The goal of our online school curriculum in California is to prepare students to excel in college—particularly the UC system—or prepare for career success after high school.
California Connections Academy schools serve students with IEPs (individualized education programs), students on 504 plans, and English language learners.

California Connections Academy schools are a virtual public school option available to students throughout the Golden State. California Connections Academy schools are fully accredited by the Schools Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Virtual schools supported by Connections Academy in California are free. There are no tuition or materials fees to attend.

Each of the California Connections Academy online schools enrolls students in transitional kindergarten through grade 12.

A California online charter school is a public school. Like other public schools, we receive government funding but operate independently of the established state school system in which we’re located.

We make the transition to online school as seamless as possible for families. You can enroll your child in elementary, middle, or high school—for one year or for your child’s entire school journey.

When you enroll your student in a California online school, your child will receive a complete education that prepares them for success in college. Your student will have the opportunity to shine by taking Honors and AP®* courses. Online high school students meet with guidance counselors for individualized college planning, registering for college entrance exams like the SAT and ACT, and applying for college scholarships and financial aid.

California Connections Academy high school students must successfully earn a minimum of 22 Carnegie units of credit to graduate.

Yes! Connections Academy supports six schools in California to serve families looking for a high-quality online school for their children.

* AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.

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