Tracey McGee-Moreira

Tracey McGee-Moreira

School Leader

Bachelor's Degree, Education: Concentration in Special Education, Rhode Island College; Master's Degree, Providence College; Advanced Degree, Boston University

Tracey McGee-Moreira says she's honored to trailblaze online education in the state of Rhode Island at Rhode Island Connections Academy. She became a principal at a brick -and-mortar school in 2004 and decided to join RhoCA in 2021. In her first few months here, she has noted the incredible increase in communication along with the sharing of learning and education resources.

Why I Became an Educator

I decided to become an educator after being a swim instructor at the local YMCA. I loved the children! Do what you love and love who you are doing it with! I also picked up some shifts in lifeguarding. You may be wondering what this has to do with education or my profession.

One man, in his mid 30s, would come to swim daily. He had cerebral palsy. I helped him in and out of the pool each day. This gentleman was an accountant for the State of Rhode Island and even drove. He was brilliant! One day we were talking about me going to college to study education and he shared some of his past experiences going to school in a wheelchair and eventually in walking crutch braces.

Although he had no cognitive issues, he was put in a classroom with differently-abled students only because he was in a wheelchair and had the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. To me this was so wrong. I knew I enjoyed children, I loved working with small groups of them and I suddenly felt this GREAT REBELLION against what this man had gone through as a student. I continued my education concentrating in special education and eventually made my way to Connections Academy.

Tracey taped to a wall with colorful tape at a school event

The Leadership at Rhode Island Connections Academy

After being in public brick-and-mortar schools teaching and being a principal for 34 years, leading an online school was an exciting concept to investigate. I decided to move forward with this opportunity to meet the needs of students on a one-to-one basis. It was like coming back to my roots—one-on-one education and tight family communication. It is heartwarming to know we can work together to meet the needs of students and families who want an online education option.

I often tell people to remember the WHY! That’s why I made this change and decided to join Rhode Island Connections Academy. I will always remember WHY!

— Ms. McGee-Moreira

Tracey waving on a bike at an event while dressed in an orange costume