Dana Beliveau

Dana Beliveau

Elementary School Teacher

Bachelor of Art, English and Elementary Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Master of Education, Education, Endicott College

Mrs. Beliveau teaches elementary students grades 1–6. She has over 17 years of teaching experience and joined Rhode Island Connections Academy in 2021. Mrs. Beliveau shares more below.

Why I Became an Educator

When I first began my college journey, I was enrolled in a business program at George Washington University in Washington, DC. While I was there, I would travel to an elementary school a few days per week to offer individual tutoring to high-needs students. It was through this experience that I realized teaching is more than a delivery of lessons. It is the opportunity to influence a child’s perception of education and their own self-worth. Teaching is about letting students know they have great potential, and that personal growth is the end goal. Upon recognizing my passion for working as an educator, I transferred schools and completed my undergraduate degree in education.

The Online School Experience

One of the things I love about Rhode Island Connections Academy is my colleagues. Every day I look forward to collaborating with them in our professional, but also warm and friendly environment. I love that our focus is always on the students and families and that everyone is eager to help and support each other. Rhode Island Connections Academy offers a unique choice to families who need an alternative school setting. It feels good knowing that students who find traditional brick-and-mortar settings difficult due to stress, anxiety, or health concerns, have a safe and high-quality alternative. Teaching here is a tremendously rewarding experience!

During our LiveLesson® sessions, students can collaborate and interact with one another. Most of the LiveLesson sessions are smaller groups than you would find in a brick-and-mortar classroom, which allows students more opportunities to contribute to the conversation. Many students also enjoy coming to office hours, which are less formal and allow them to ask questions or just pop in to see their teacher and other students.

Rhode Island Connections Academy offers a rigorous and well-rounded education for students. The lessons students work on are robust and offer multiple exposures and practice opportunities that allow them to master the standards being taught. The students’ knowledge is assessed in a variety of ways, including quick checks, quizzes, tests, portfolio items, discussions, and reflections.

The model of Rhode Island Connections Academy teaches students to take accountability and persevere through tasks that require time and effort. This is a life skill that will certainly contribute to a bright and successful future.

— Mrs. Beliveau

My Interests

When I am not teaching, I mostly enjoy spending time with my family. If I have a few moments to myself, reading a book outside with a cup of coffee is one of my favorite little things!