Ms. Ducharme

Cara Ducharme

Secondary Math Teacher

Bachelor of Science, Zoo Science, Friends University; Master of Education, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Mrs. Ducharme teaches math in grades 7–12. She began teaching in 2014 and joined Rhode Island Connections Academy this year. Mrs. Ducharme shares more below.

Why I Became a Teacher

During junior/senior year of high school, I started tutoring in math, science, and English. I became a tutor because I had a space in my schedule to fill, and I wanted to help others understand topics that came easily to me but I often saw them struggle with. Since I began tutoring, I haven't stopped; however, my love for teaching has grown beyond just wanting to help others understand the academic content. My focus now is helping others develop their best selves so that they can live the life they want and deserve.

The Online School Experience at Rhode Island Connections Academy

I absolutely LOVE the flexibility that Rhode Island Connections Academy allows its staff and families. We all know that “life happens,” and to adhere to a rigid schedule can be extremely difficult to do. Appointments, feeling under the weather, late starts, bathroom breaks, energy breaks, food breaks, etc., can cause missed learning in a regular brick-and-mortar school, unlike our program at Rhode Island Connections Academy. Students do schoolwork at their own pace; several of our students currently work on their schoolwork during the evening and on weekends to keep on target, while others opt to follow the normal brick-and-mortar school hours, as that is when they have access to their teachers.

The other benefits of teaching at an online school versus a brick-and-mortar school are the connections: connections with people across the country that allow for increased best practices in learning, connections with students and families that are much deeper than previous jobs, and connections with coworkers that make our program feel like a family.

I have high hopes for our future, and I feel that the best way to contribute is to educate our youth as they are our future.

—  Mrs. Ducharme

My Interests

My interests include listening to and playing music, reading non-fiction, being outside in nature to marvel at its magical beauty and animals (minus spiders). I enjoy the relaxing, inspiring, and thrilling company of my friends and family.