Gifted and Advanced Learning

At Rhode Island Connections Academy, we put every student in a position to succeed by cultivating their talents and passions through the right coursework and programs.
Empowering Students

We Adapt Our Program to the Student, Not the Other Way Around

At Rhode Island Connections Academy, we believe there are just as many ways to teach as there are to learn. That's why we give all our students the ability to make meaningful choices around curriculum, empowering them to take the courses that work best for them.

Along with core classes and a wide variety of electives, Rhode Island Connections Academy offers honors, special education, and Advanced Placement® courses. These courses were built to inspire a lifelong love for learning and help students reach their highest potential.

Advanced Programs

Advance Your Student’s Learning

We believe in trusting and supporting students to take ownership of their own educational journey. This highly personalized approach to learning especially helps our students thrive. Educators and families work together to develop a personalized learning plan for each student, allowing exceptional students to work above grade level and create their own definition of success.


High school students have the opportunity to take a broad selection of honors courses that not only fulfill basic graduation requirements, but also offer a more rigorous curriculum and challenging academic environment in an online program for gifted students. College-bound students who wish to enhance the strength of their college applications should consider registering in our honors and Advanced Placement (AP®)* courses. Those who take AP courses prepare to take national AP exams, which may enable students to earn early credit or secure advanced course placement in college.

Our honors students are a group of dedicated learners who work together to discuss advanced topics, collaborate in group projects, and sharpen their critical-thinking skills while preparing for academic success beyond graduation.


* AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.

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