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Pennsylvania Online Middle School

The On-Ramp to Success

Our tuition-free cyber school for middle school students goes from 6th grade to 8th grade. Students at this age are facing many changes that include physical, emotional, and psychological factors. They are starting to be more independent and responsible, and Reach Cyber’s curriculum and teachers take into consideration all of these new challenges that our middle school students face.

Middle School Curriculum Content

Our program is responsive to both the academic and development needs of our middle school students. Students at this age are developing their value systems, and we incorporate lessons that help them develop critical-thinking and teamwork skills.

During this stage, the Learning Coach typically takes a step back while continuing to provide support to keep students on track and focused. Students are encouraged and motivated to take responsibility for their own learning to prepare them for more advanced studies. 

Feel free to view our sample lessons for more information or check out our academic partners.

Support for Cyber Middle School Students

One of the biggest changes, when students enter middle school, is that they no longer have one teacher who oversees everything. Instead, students work with specific educators who specialize in a chosen field of study. Our middle school students do, however, still receive support and guidance from a counselor or an advisory teacher.

Our LiveLesson® sessions let students participate in lessons with their teacher and peers. This allows them to interact with others and gain a better understanding of the core content.

Course Electives and Activities

Our tuition-free cyber school offers various course electives to develop our students' skills further. They can choose from a wide variety of courses that pique their interest. This enables them to delve deeper into what motivates them.

Our program also offers school clubs and activities and STEM events and opportunities that they can join. Our students have the opportunity to make friends and socialize with other people with the same interests. This experience has proven to be enriching and beneficial for our students.

For all students who are academically high achievers, the gifted students program is available for those who qualify. We believe that our students should have options, and we try our best to provide them.


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