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Cyber Elementary School Curriculum

The elementary years are extremely important in a child’s education and life. This is where children acquire basic knowledge to perform complex tasks later on. They develop their social, cognitive, cultural, and physical skills during this crucial time, and Reach Cyber’s curriculum aims to help to develop these basic skills.

Our elementary school curriculum includes English language arts, science, mathematics, and social studies. These core subjects are taught in an exciting and engaging way, directed to pique students' interest and build their study skills.

The Gifted and Talented Program

The gifted and talented program is available from third grade onward to all students who qualify. This program is designed to challenge and motivate students who are advanced in certain subjects. Students can enroll in more advanced subjects online or work at a higher grade level.

"Best of Class" Materials

Our materials are best of class and created by our professional and expert team of curriculum developers and multimedia specialists. We partner with top educational publishers and other service providers to deliver high-quality resources to our students no matter where they are.

All of our instructional materials and resources may be accessed online, but they also may be supported by printed materials. Our elementary students rely more on printed content than students in higher grades. As students get older, materials shift gradually to become primarily online.

Our students are provided with all of the materials necessary to reach mastery in core subjects required by the state. Feel free to view our list of academic partners.

Elementary Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed with the child in mind and with the following factors taken into consideration:

  • Student’s age
  • Objectives
  • Diversity

See sample lessons for more information.

Course Electives and Activities

Reach Cyber’s curriculum offers our younger students a wide selection of electives to pursue. Our students have access to electives that include world languages and art. We believe that diverse topics can help develop students’ learning skills and prepare them for further studies.

Reach Cyber also offers social activities and various online clubs that students are encouraged to join. We know that children need to socialize, and what better way to do so than with children who share the same interests?


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