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Keeping Online School Students Connected

An important factor that sometimes deters parents from choosing an online school for their children is the perceived lack of social interaction. At Reach Cyber Charter School (Reach Cyber), however, we provide many opportunities for our students to interact with others through different avenues:

  • LiveLesson® Sessions – Through our live online classes, students can connect with other students. They have the opportunity to share ideas, ask each other questions, and collaborate.
  • Online School Clubs – Reach Cyber offers clubs and activities to give students the opportunity to interact with others who share the same interests. Here students have the chance to make friends and the freedom to explore different interests.
  • Local Events – organized by statewide community coordinators who focus on bringing events to different regions across Pennsylvania.
  • STEM Day Camps and Clubs – for all grade levels where students work together to design, engineer, and explore their creativity

Allowing Flexibility for Extracurriculars

We believe that extracurricular activities are vital for building character and confidence. Students who participate in afterschool activities develop skills that will help them continuously throughout their lives. Skills such as time management, socialization, teamwork, and goal-setting are just a few.

Our online school provides students with the flexibility they need to participate in any activity that draws their interest. By having access to a flexible educational program, they are able to explore new activities in their communities and follow their passions.

Working with Families

Working with families and not just students is what can make online learning so successful. With guidance from Reach Cyber teachers and staff, families can organize their lives as they wish and not around a school district’s schedule.

Communicating effectively is also vital. Parents are encouraged to play the role of Learning Coach and can access information and share their ideas via various channels online or offline. These include:

  • Message Boards set up to allow parents to ask questions and share information that can help students succeed
  • The Virtual Learning Connections blog, where you can find useful information about online education
  • Learning Coach Central, a website filled with resources to help families excel in online learning
  • Club ORANGE, an organization that allows you to participate actively in the Reach Cyber community
  • Reach Cyber open houses and learning coach training


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