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Young minds require a solid foundation to support future learning. And, Connections Academy’s online elementary school curriculum courses do just that and more.
Igniting Curiosity

Online Elementary School Course Benefits

Connections Academy’s online elementary school curriculum courses are designed to speak to your child in a way that sparks curiosity and makes learning exciting and fun. Courses for grades 1–5 expand on foundational skills learned in kindergarten and ignite a passion for discovery and knowledge. Connections Academy’s online elementary curriculum delivers:

  • A high-quality, accredited curriculum that aligns with state and national standards
  • Exceptional elementary school teachers who specialize in helping students thrive in the online school environment
  • Engaging lesson content featuring rich graphics, videos, interactive elements, and LiveLesson® sessions for students to connect with teachers and classmates
  • Many exciting electives and academic clubs that allow students to broaden their skills and explore new interests
  • Innovative virtual school technology, which makes learning more engaging, meaningful, and fun
Designed by Experts in Online Learning

Elementary School Courses Designed for Online Learning

Designed for online learning, our online elementary school curriculum helps students develop a passion for learning and thrive in school and the world ahead. From dynamic text to engaging videos and audio, our lessons help students gain fundamental knowledge while building important lifelong skills.

Special Programs

Unique Programs and Electives for Elementary Students

The Gifted and Talented program for elementary school students is available for students who qualify, beginning in third grade. When appropriate, advanced younger students may have the opportunity to enroll in these courses or work at a higher grade level.

Connections Academy-supported schools understand the importance of offering elementary course electives and activities to give young students a well-rounded educational experience. Electives cover a wide range of topics—from learning a world language to mastering the skills of daily living to appreciating the arts. Our many activities and clubs also provide opportunities for students to learn by doing.

Virtual Classroom Success

Interacting in the Online Classroom

Student interaction and participation in the virtual classroom is critical to success in the overall education process. While most of the instruction supports anytime, anywhere learning, students also participate in a live online classroom environment through the Pearson Online Classroom. The Pearson Online Classroom delivers everything a student needs in one place, from accessing their lessons and assessments to communicating with teachers and tracking progress.


During live instruction, teachers reinforce challenging concepts and motivate students to become active learners—engaging and participating in activities, asking questions, and collaborating with peers through microphone and chat. These interactions foster collaboration and bring the curriculum to life while allowing teachers to build meaningful relationships and gain an understanding of lesson comprehension.


*The Connections Academy online elementary school program is not available in all states.

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