“He Can Take Brain Breaks”

After homeschooling her son for kindergarten, K.T. Boehm understood her son’s strengths and weaknesses as a student. She liked how the Connections Academy curriculum offered him flexibility. “My son is very interested in video games and watching sports of all kinds,” she says. Because of the school’s “freedom and flexibility, he can take brain breaks to play his games or catch an afternoon [sports] game when they’re on.” She recognizes that this wouldn’t be possible in a traditional setting.

K.T. and her son both enjoy science. “We love learning new things together and being hands-on with some of the activities and experiments,” she reports. It “helps keep his attention” and “also helps him understand the material better.”

The teachers at Willamette Connections Academy have been remarkable, K.T. says, and not only from an academic perspective. “Teachers and counselors take the time to teach kindness, generosity, what it means to be a good friend, how to stay safe online,” she explains. “I don’t feel like he would be getting those kinds of lessons… in a brick-and-mortar school environment.”

“Never Alone”

K.T. admitted to feeling “overwhelmed” at first by the prospect of being a Learning Coach and the responsibilities it entails. She didn’t know what to expect. Again, she points to the faculty. “The teachers and staff are incredible in answering any questions or concerns you may have,” she says. “You are never alone in this!”

Overall, the Boehm family has been thrilled with their decision. “We feel that finding Connections Academy was such a blessing for our family.” 

“Our son has thrived in the online school environment and as a parent there is nothing better.”

— K.T.