Hadrian Boehm

Hadrian Boehm

Elementary School Student

Hadrian Boehm never attended traditional school. His family had chosen to homeschool him for kindergarten, but wanted a more robust educational experience for their son’s grade-school years and beyond. They considered a wide range of options. Willamette Connections Academy offered exactly what they were looking for.  

Happy Person, Happy Student

Hadrian enjoys many things, some related to his academic studies, some not. At Willamette Connections Academy, he and his family can set his schedule and organize each day in the way that works best for him, both as a person and as a student.

“I’m passionate about video games,” he explains. “I get to play my games during breaks in school.” He also loves watching sports, which he does regularly. “I even get to watch day games” because of the school’s flexible learning model.

Hadrian is equally passionate about his schoolwork. “My favorite subjects in school are Oregon state history and science,” he says. “I love learning about the state I live in, and I like doing science experiments with my mom.”

“I love Connections Academy because it’s the best school for me!”

— Hadrian

Strong Student-Teacher Relationship

Many people only truly appreciate their teachers in hindsight. Sometimes it isn’t until years later that they realize just how much of an impact an individual educator made in their lives. Hadrian already understands the value his teacher is providing, as well as the connection they share. 

“I have a really good relationship with my teacher,” he says, specifically pointing to “one-on-one reading time” as especially helpful. But he also acknowledges—and appreciates—that interactions extend beyond the lessons. We “talk about some of my favorite things,” he says. “I like that.”

Hadrian and his mom