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Angelisha Groves


BA in sociology from the University of Missouri-Columbia; MA of Education in Special Education & Instruction from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

When Principal Angelisha Groves joined Connections Academy® in 2014, she set out to serve students and families by providing them a positive schooling experience where they could trust that each student’s success was her top priority.

“I love working with students at Connections Academy because I get to have more individual time to support them and build a connection. Our students are empathetic and curious learners who are a joy to get to know and work with,” said Ms. Groves.

“I love that our school prepares students for the 21st century by teaching them valuable technology skills and offering programming opportunities for them to explore their post–high school plans and options—even starting in middle school!”

— Ms. Groves

She also helps Oregon Connections Academy create a welcoming community by regularly communicating with families about what the school is doing to support students—as well as promoting opportunities for fun, such as virtual field trips and Spirit Week, where both families and staff can participate. But Ms. Groves’s favorite part of the job is getting to collaborate with a phenomenal team of creative educators to design support and strategies that lead to those “light bulb” learning moments for students.