Jack Haldeman

ORCA student Jack Haldeman

Jack Haldeman is a high school student at Oregon Connections Academy (ORCA). He has a twin brother, Michael, who is also a student at ORCA. The traditional schooling system wasn’t a good fit, so Jack and his family decided to switch to online learning. An advanced learner, Jack appreciates that ORCA allows him to work at a pace and level that suits him. He shares more about his experience with the school below:

"I love ORCA because the teachers really listen to who I am and what I’m interested in. Last year I was really interested in the environment, so my science teacher let me design a beach clean-up campaign and I even got to present my proposal to some people at City Hall. Additionally, when I told my language arts teacher that I liked learning about military history, he let me do a PowerPoint presentation on the allied and axis power in WWII and how it related to the play we read: The Diary of Anne Frank.

My favorite subject is probably social studies because I’m kind of a history nerd. Right now we’re learning about World War I which is really interesting to me because I love learning about politics and battle strategies. I also like learning about politics. My mom and stepdad discuss politics with me and my brother all the time and really encourage us to get involved in our community. My mom says that if you don’t like the way something is run then best thing to do is join them and change it from within. I really believe in ORCA and want to make a great school even better by running for student government.

I like being able to see my classmates at local field trips and school evets. I feel like ORCA actually gives us more chances to be social because we’re not sitting at a desk or on a school bus all day.

I want to work for the federal government when I grow up—I am currently a member of the US Navy Sea Cadet Corps. I hope that student government and Sea Cadets will help me reach my goal of being a Navy lawyer and a federal agent someday. I would like to go to Oregon State University and get my undergraduate degree in Military Sciences, and then get my Master’s Degree in Forensic Archaeology from Yale."

I love ORCA because the teachers really listen to who I am and what I’m interested in.
— Jack