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Lisa Miranda

ORCA parent Lisa

Lisa is a Learning Coach for her daughter who started with Oregon Connections Academy (ORCA) in second grade. Since enrolling, her daughter blossomed into an exceptional student and graduated. Read Lisa’s story below.

“Before I ever had a child, I always knew I would homeschool. I had my daughter when I was 30 years old. I was a single mom, and right away I knew that I had to get on track to make sure I could stay home with my daughter and still make a living. Luckily, I had a career in bookkeeping, so I started a home-based business.

For my daughter’s kindergarten and first grade years, I didn’t have a curriculum, so I was always searching for one. I checked out everything I could, both online and in my community. At the time, I was taking my child to a local church that rented out space to a homeschooling community, and I met some wonderful people. One of those people was a mother of four, and she recommended a wonderful online accredited public school called Connections Academy I immediately looked online and found that Connections Academy had just opened its Oregon school the previous year! I was so excited and completed the enrollment process right away. I was stunned at how easy it was. In no time, I had my daughter enrolled in second grade with Oregon Connections Academy (ORCA). In high school, she became a member of the National Junior Honor Society, and a straight-A student.

ORCA has been wonderful in so many ways. I am very excited to have been able to join the team of Learning Coaches and parents that Connections Academy has made available to answer any questions from future ORCA parents. Over the years, I have been asked so many questions about the pros and cons of schooling my student from home, and about ‘socialization’ opportunities—I feel like a walking, talking brochure for Connections Academy! Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have regarding ORCA and its classes, teachers, curriculum, field trips, clubs, activities, and electives such as second languages. I am more than happy to help you on your journey in any way I can!”

My family is in our ninth year with ORCA, and we couldn’t be happier.
— Lisa