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Julia Moser

Julia Moser

Julia Moser is a high school student at Oklahoma Connections Academy (OKCA). She lives with her family in Oklahoma City. Julia was formerly homeschooled and has found that she has more confidence in her schoolwork now that she attends OKCA. She shares more below.

“I love my teachers at OKCA because they are all so friendly, and we get along great. I am able to work around my schedule with school, and when I finish my classes, I’ll read until my LiveLesson® session starts. I especially love reading about and studying reptiles. Some of my school friends and I like to read together in book clubs, and to keep in touch, we usually text or use WebMail.

I used to be homeschooled, but I didn't feel like I was doing enough work. At OKCA, I can get more work done because when it gets hard to concentrate, I take a break and then go back to my studies. What works for me at OKCA is that I am able to make my schedule and work ahead if I want to. I love science class; I especially like researching density and the way that particles are affected by temperature. My other favorite subject is social studies because I want to travel when I am older.”

I love my teachers at OKCA because they are all so friendly and we get along great.
— Julia