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Madison Kimrey


Madison Kimrey is a high school student at North Carolina Connections Academy (NCCA). NCCA is helping her to become an independent learner and prepare for college. Madison shares her story below.

“Before NCCA, I was independently homeschooled and my education involved a combination of self-study and online classes. I became interested in NCCA when I was mapping out my plans for the remainder of my time before college. I was impressed with the course catalog because it offered all of the courses I want to take before graduation. I continued researching by reading reviews, asking students enrolled in Connections Academy schools what they thought about their program, and attending an information session. I also looked at the websites of the colleges I was considering and found out that my Connections Academy courses would be accepted by those schools.

My favorite subject has always been English, but this year I am really enjoying Honors Biology as well—this is the first time I have wanted to learn more outside of class. I also like the sign language course that I've been taking through International Connections Academy. I feel like I can be myself in all of my courses, which hasn't always been the case in the past. Additionally, I love my teachers at NCCA. They are all very competent and helpful, and they make the lessons interesting and challenging. My principal, teachers, and counselors treat me like a capable individual who is in the driver's seat of her education.

The flexibility I have at NCCA to get a good education while pursuing my passions helps me to improve my time management and prioritizing skills. I'm a better decision-maker and a more self-assured leader because I've had to work hard to achieve balance. I'm a writer, activist, thespian, and public speaker with a focus on voting rights and young people's involvement in the political process. Sometimes I have to travel for a speaking engagement or event, so being able to access my assignments and communicate with my teachers while I'm on the road is essential for me. At NCCA, I'm able to complete schoolwork after I get home if I need to, which is often late at night.

I do all of the typical teenage things such as shopping, going to movies, concerts, playing games, and dating. I have friends of all ages, locations, and backgrounds. Because I'm so busy, my friends and I text and video call each other to stay in touch. Technology allows me to communicate with people that I've met across the state and around the country.

After I become a part of the first graduating class of NCCA, I plan to attend college and possibly go to law school. I've often said that what I end up doing in the future may not have even been invented yet. Whatever I end up doing, I will always take my responsibility as a citizen seriously—and I firmly believe that being well-educated is an important trait of good citizenship. NCCA is preparing me for the future by allowing me the opportunity to get a top-notch education both in and out of the classroom. The time management, multitasking, communication, and personal responsibility skills that I'm learning through NCCA will be vital both in my future college career and in the future economy.”

I love NCCA because I get to be a part of a diverse community of students, and work with fantastic teachers and staff. I am getting the caliber of education that will allow me and my fellow students to take a leadership role in moving our communities and country forward into the future.
— Madison