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March 24, 2019
TEC Connections Academy students are thriving in the online environment! The Shultzs and Cookes discuss the differing reasons that brought them to online school, and Superintendent Adam Goldberg discusses the online model in this Gloucester Times feature

March 21, 2019
Oregon Connections Academy students Sidney Kincaid and Mikayla Wood are taking advantage of the online school's new ASCEND CTE program! Learn more about their hands-on experience and their recent HOSA competition in the Statesman Journal

March 14, 2019
Reach Cyber Charter School students enjoy a Pi Day field trip to the Da Vinci Science Center! Learn more about the STEM-themed trip on WFMZ

March 8, 2018
Connections Academy is a great education option for a variety of families! Hear from Iowa Connections Academy principal James Brauer and the Cottrell family, and Minnesota Connections Academy Principal Melissa Gould and the Espinoza family, about the online school experience in the Albert Lea Tribune

February 27, 2019
California Connections Academy Southern California student Chloe Firmin is thriving in the online environment! Chloe shares her journey finding a learning environment to fit her needs, her selective mutism diagnosis, and her plans for the future in the Orange County Register