Featured News Stories

June 14, 2019
TEC Connections Academy students and families receive a special graduation message from Holocaust survivor Rena Finder! Hear from Superintendent Adam Goldberg and graduate Kat Washburn about the experience on Charter TV 3

June 8, 2019
In this News Guard feature, Oregon Connections Academy graduate Lawrence Winowiecki shares how the online school helped him overcome mental health challenges and gave him the confidence to finish high school

June 4, 2019
Nevada Connections Academy students celebrate graduation! Hear from Valedictorian Devon Kisfalvi, Principal Amy Hunt, and graduate Daylynn Clark about the online school experience during this KLAS interview

June 3, 2018
Washington Connections Academy student Savannah Sherman uses the flexibility of online school to pursue a ballet career! Learn more about the teen and her upcoming summer intensives in the Kitsap Sun

May 30, 2019
Great Lakes Cyber Academy senior Matthias Feldpausch has been busy his last semester of high school, developing his own video game! Learn more about his senior project and plans for the future in the Ionia Sentinel-Standard