Christine Dzarnoski

Christine Dzarnoski


Christine Dzarnoski earned a Master’s degree in education administration, Sierra Nevada College and a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education, University of Nevada, Reno.

School Principal Christine Dzarnoski began her journey with Nevada Connections Academy in 2015 as a fifth-grade teacher. She is proud to be principal and lead a team of dedicated educators. Mrs. Dzarnoski shares her story below:

“Becoming an educator was something that I wanted early on in life,” said Mrs. Dzarnoski. “As a child, I experienced and observed the love that a teacher has for students by watching my mother teach preschool. The excitement and joy that she showed could be witnessed by anyone who walked into her room. I also had amazing teachers throughout my elementary years that modeled determination to help struggling students, the drive to make a difference, and leadership qualities that I knew I wanted to embody as an adult.

“One of our top priorities at Nevada Connections Academy is creating a positive environment for all community members. We believe in building positive relationships from the start, having ongoing communications, and holding various events throughout the school year where everyone can attend in person. We want to be available and present so we can continue to build and foster those connections made with our families and staff."

“I enjoy the relationships that we make with students and how each day brings something new. Helping students explore, ask questions, and challenge themselves beyond their limits is the most rewarding part of my job.”

— Mrs. Dzarnoski