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Janet Patterson

Math Teacher

Ms. Patterson is a math teacher at Nevada Connections Academy. She shares her story below:

“I became a math teacher to help young people have a good experience with math so they can have the option to explore any field of study that interests them. I had so many good math teachers, I hope to pass on that experience, and it’s such a delight to hear a student say “that was easier than I thought it would be”.

One of the best parts about teaching at Nevada Connections Academy is getting to know students better as individuals. I love hearing about my students’ interests and goals, and I get to talk with parents more often, as well. It’s great that caretakers have easy access to their student’s school progress so they can take an active role in supporting their student’s success.

To new students, I would say that one of the keys to success in this program is to ask questions. This will be a new learning format and we are here to help you succeed, so please never hesitate to reach out for help with questions large or small. It will take organization and discipline to manage the flexibility of online school, but you have your teachers ready and anxious to help. Plus, developing these self-management skills will benefit you in whatever you do after graduation.”

"The staff at Nevada Connections Academy are amazing, caring people who are always looking for ways we can make our school even better. We are definitely a school family."

—  Ms. Patterson

Janet Patterson