Richard Frewert

Richard Frewert

Graduate Student

Richard is a graduate of Nevada Connections Academy from Carson City, Nevada. Nevada Connections Academy's flexible scheduling helped Richard become a more self-motivated and independent student. Learn more about his story below.

Richard was first attracted to the idea of a virtual school because he wanted the flexibility to travel and do activities with his family during the day. For Richard, pursuing his interest in science means he is building toward a career in commercial aviation. Though math was a challenge, he loved the fact that he was able to take advanced classes at NCA. He is an avid reader and naturally likes language arts. Richard won second place for in the Carson City School Board of Trustees–sponsored eighth annual American Citizen Essay Contest. He also enjoyed the NCA field trips and brunches.

Since he could complete his schoolwork at home, Richard had more time for his favorite hobbies including chess, designing robots, building massive LEGO® structures, playing basketball, and Boy Scout activities.

"Connections Academy taught me more than I would ever learn in a private or any other public school. I’ve learned how to be responsible for my lessons, and my parents, who were my Learning Coaches, trusted me. I’m proud of what I have accomplished at Connections Academy. I really loved the structure, flexibility, and freedom. It let me work from anywhere in the world, on virtually my own time."

— Richard