Jennifer Slyter<

Jennifer Slyter

Learning Coach to Two Students

Jennifer is the Learning Coach and mother to two students at Nevada Connections Academy (NCA). She is pleased that NCA’s structured, yet flexible learning environment is helping her children become more independent and hardworking students. Jennifer shares her family’s story below.

“Because I work full-time from home, I don’t have a set schedule with defined hours. Our family needed something that would allow us to do schoolwork during or in-between my work schedule, and also during the evenings or weekends, if need be. I tried traditional homeschooling with my oldest child for kindergarten and first grade, but because I wasn’t comfortable with what I was doing and didn’t have any structure, I feared that my daughter would begin falling behind. I enrolled her in NCA for second grade and she has been successful ever since. My daughter is very self-motivated and at the top of her class. Because of her success, I decided to enroll my son in NCA right from kindergarten. He’s very active and has a short attention span, so I believe that he may not have done as well in a bricks-and-mortar school. I know that the one-on-one attention he receives from me, along with the frequent breaks he is able to take, has allowed him to become the bright student that he is.

My son excels in math, but he really shines in art. His imagination and creativity are amazing! We usually work side-by-side at my desk; he sits right next to me to do his schoolwork while I’m working at my computer. I’m there to introduce the lesson, get him started, and answer any questions he may have. When he’s ready, we submit his work online. We’re a great team!

"My students’ grades reflect how well they’re doing at NCA, but I can also tell by their increased self-motivation and independent work."

— Jennifer

My students’ grades reflect how well they’re doing at NCA, but I can also tell by their increased self-motivation and independent work. I’ve seen how much they’ve progressed and learned through their years at NCA, and they are sometimes even exceeding the level of their peers who attend bricks-and-mortar schools. We appreciate that NCA provides flexibility, but also has a structured program where my children have accountability in submitting lessons so that they don’t fall behind. NCA also provides many opportunities to connect with their friends through LiveLesson® sessions, WebMail, and field trips.

Outside of school, we are active in our congregation one to two days a week. We use our scheduler in Connexus® to arrange fewer lessons on those days. It’s wonderful that we can take time off for personal reasons and not fall behind simply by adjusting our school schedule. My daughter is interested in the fashion industry and NCA has taught her that eagerness to learn, hard work, and motivation can help you reach your goals.”

Jennifer and her two kids