Jacob Henry

Jacob Henry


Jacob is a graduate of Nevada Connections Academy. He lives in Reno, Nevada. Jacob enjoyed Nevada Connections Academ’s customized learning program because it motivated him to become a more dedicated student. Learn more about Jacob’s story below.

As a previously homeschooled student, Jacob and his parents chose Nevada Connections Academy as a way to maintain a flexible schedule and have excellent, qualified instructors.

During his freshman year, Jacob had a bar surgically placed in his chest because of a condition known as pectus excavatum. As a result, Jacob’s quality of life increased. Connections Academy provided a flexible schedule so he could remain at home and fully recover over a three-month time period, without falling behind in his coursework.

"I liked Nevada Connections Academy because it offered a plan to help fit the student. It helped me keep my goals high and challenged me to become a better student."

— Jacob

Nevada Connections Academy also provided Jacob with many different tools to cater to his learning style and pace. He benefited from the challenging courses, especially his history and computer courses. At Nevada Connections Academ, Jacob learned how to manage his time and prioritize his schedule, which was a great preparation for college.

Jacob is passionate about many things: skiing, hiking, running, river rafting, photography, and an organization known as the Civil Air Patrol. Civil Air Patrol, or CAP, is an auxiliary of the Air Force and teaches young men and women leadership skills and aerospace. Jacob is very active, and Connections Academy allowed him to pursue his passions while gaining a strong, competitive education.

Jacob plans to earn a degree in computer engineering or computer science. His goal is to put his best foot forward in all that he does.

Jacob in uniform saluting