Harlie Peterson

Harlie Peterson

High School

Harlie Peterson is a high school student at Nevada Connections Academy. As a competitive baton twirler, Harlie loves how NCA allows her to pursue her passions while keeping up with her studies. She shares her story below:

“What most interested me about Connections Academy was that I would be able to get a good education. I like that the teachers are there to help, and [I also enjoy] the ease of being able to work from anywhere. I also like the fact that I could work at my own pace and at a time that worked into my busy schedule.

The thing that works best for me is that I can do my schoolwork at any time of the day and from anywhere I have a Wi-Fi connection. I also feel like I have a good relationship with all my teachers. They are an awesome group that provides me with a great education!

"Connections Academy has allowed me to do my schoolwork while on the road and away from home."

— Harlie

My favorite subjects are math and science. I like math because it is fun to work with numbers, and I like the challenge of the math problems. I am also very interested in science because I enjoy learning new things and doing experiments. 

What I am most passionate about is baton twirling. I have twirled a baton all my life, and I am a competitive twirler in individual, pairs, and team events. I get to travel across the United States, Canada, and Europe for competitions. To remain on top in my sport, I need to train several hours a day. I travel to California once a month for lessons with my coach Kellie and also to train with the competitive team, Revolution. I also travel to Ohio every other month to train with my coach Dale. Connections Academy has allowed me to do my schoolwork while on the road and away from home.”