Alekta Mourtazova

Alekta Mourtazova

High School Student

Alekta is a high school student at Nevada Connections Academy. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. At Nevada Connections Academy, Aletka is able to choose from a wide-range of courses that appeal to her curious nature. Her mother tells their story below.

'We chose online school because Alekta’s first language is Russian, and it is very important for our family that she maintain fluency in her native language. Nevada Connections Academy gives us the freedom to develop both her English and her Russian, and to go through academic subjects using both languages. Plus, Alekta has had a smoother transition in using English while engaged in her required school program.

Another important aspect of Nevada Connections Academy is its flexibility and individualized learning approach. I think that online learning helps teach kids to be responsible and finish all school tasks, while receiving guidance that supports their individual learning style. As a parent, I also like being involved in the learning process and supporting my child if she needs it. I can see that Nevada Connections Academy provides a great program that sparks my child’s interest in school and learning.

"I like Nevada Connections Academy because the lessons are interesting. My teacher is nice and I enjoy talking to her on the phone. I also like the LiveLesson® sessions."

— Alekta

Alekta has a strong visual memory, and that’s why learning videos and pictures on the screen help her grasp new concepts. She says that all of her school subjects are her favorite, but I see that she shows more interest in two classes in particular: science and art. Science helps her to develop cognitive skills and curiosity, while art class develops her creativity and artistic sensibilities. She likes to learn how to read and write. She’s thrilled to take quizzes and test her new knowledge.

Alekta is passionate about being a smart and successful student. She likes to learn something new and then show off her knowledge to everyone by applying new skills in everyday life. She likes to see how much progress she made since her first days in school. For example, she loves to take the book or story she was reading in the beginning of the year and see how much faster she reads it now.

Alekta is a very active and creative child. She loves to draw and decorate. She also enjoys ice skating and the outdoors. One of her favorite places to visit is Mount Charleston, especially during the winter season, so she can play in the snow. She also loves animals and helping others. That is why she wants to be a veterinarian and a volunteer when she’s grown up.

Alekta is smart, attentive, committed, careful, and kind. She likes to help others and be useful in groups of her family and friends. She likes to be the best and always puts her best effort into doing something for school and in everyday life. She’s special because she shows enormous amounts of energy when trying to achieve her goals.'

Alekta ice skating