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Logan Copeland

Logan swimming

Logan Copeland is a middle school student at Nevada Connections Academy (NCA). A busy athlete, Logan appreciates that NCA allows him to balance competitive swimming and academics. He shares his story below.

“I have been with Connections Academy for two years now and I deeply appreciate the flexibility this school provides. When I was offered a spot with the varsity group on my swim team, I was able to make the earlier practice time. Had I been enrolled in a traditional school, I would not have been able to participate. I’m now swimming with varsity and was able to compete in the Nevada State Championships and Junior Olympics this year. The majority of my friends are on the swim team, but I also have some friends that I’ve met through Connections Academy. I really don’t think I’ve missed out on anything socially—I have participated in many of the offered field trips. Since I can create my own schedule, I’ve even been able to volunteer for a kindergarten class every Friday morning. I am grateful for the flexibility of Connections Academy!

My favorite subjects are math and science. The lessons can be challenging at times, but I know I can call or email my teachers if I need help. They’ve always been very supportive when I’ve talked to them on the phone, and they’ve provided helpful feedback on my assignments. An interesting result of being with Connections Academy is that I’ve learned to work more independently and don’t need as much help as I used to. I’ve become confident in my ability to figure out even the most difficult questions.

Obviously, the environment is quite different than a traditional school, but I feel that it is a better learning environment for me. There are fewer distractions, and I have all the materials I need to get my work done. Also, I think the curriculum is more advanced than what I might have gotten at my local bricks-and-mortar school, so I’m hoping that I’ll be better prepared when it’s time to go to high school. My long term goals are to go to Stanford and study physics. I’ve heard they also have a great swim team!”

What I like most about NCA is the flexibility, the learning environment, and the high expectations they have for their students.
— Logan