Headshot of Ms.Brant

Tayla Brant

5th Grade Teacher

Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education, Missouri Western State University

Tayla Brant knows exactly why she became a teacher: She was inspired by her own teachers. Ms. Brant has always loved school and recognized early on how much influence teachers could have on the overall educational experience. Today, her goal is to make learning a positive experience for her students and to show them that school can be fun.

One-on-One Sessions

Ms. Brant began her career at Missouri Connections Academy in 2020. Now several years in, she thinks that the school offers not only an excellent working environment for teachers, but also the best learning environment for students.

“I am a huge advocate of building relationships,” she says. “I think the biggest benefit of teaching online is the opportunity to have one-on-one sessions with students.” Once those relationships have developed, “students feel comfortable asking questions and participating in class” during their Live Lessons®.

She believes that when students start to feel comfortable, safe, and ready to engage, they start to blossom in the virtual setting. 

Better Communicators, Better Prepared for Life

Ms. Brant explains that one common misconception about online learning is that it doesn’t prepare students well for life after school. Actually, the opposite is true. “Many families think that their student is going to be socially deprived,” she reports. However, students who attend Missouri Connection Academy “really must acquire the skill of communication quite quickly.”

If a student has a question or is struggling with something, they learn to reach out and “communicate with teachers,” Ms. Brant says. “I think this is a major skill that they will be able to carry with them once they graduate.”

Outside of school, Ms. Brant enjoys being with her family and hanging out with friends. She especially enjoys spending time with her furbabies, Wiley and Millie.

I think the biggest benefit of teaching online is the opportunity to have one-on-one sessions with students.

—  Ms. Brant