Daphne Olson

Secondary Teacher

BS, Math Education, Emporia State University; MS, Mathematics, Emporia State University

Daphne Olson is a middle school and high school math teacher. She began teaching in 2016 and joined Falcon View Connections Academy in 2020. Learn more about Ms. Olson and her passion for teaching below:


My Teaching Background and Experience

I have been teaching since I was two, when I would stand in my crib and instruct my invisible class in gobbledygook. In elementary school, I graduated to my brother’s and my stuffed animals. I would create homework, teach, do their homework, and then grade it. In the later years of elementary school, I was given a whiteboard, teacher versions of math textbooks from my uncle, and an overhead projector. I made groups of my now invisible students, instructed them through stations, and reinforced the math concepts I was learning in school every day when I came home.

I have always been and will always be a teacher, and it’s great to have real students who aren’t invisible! As for being a math teacher, it may seem obvious that I was already teaching math and would be a math teacher, but I actually didn’t enjoy math near as much as I do today. In eighth grade, my family moved and my math credits didn’t transfer, so I redid pre-algebra. Later, I was able to take Algebra 1 online by myself. I loved it! I could work at my own pace, ask my parents questions, and make the concepts more meaningful. For example, “Why is f(x) = the same as y =?” Or a better question is “When is it better to use f(x) = instead of y =?”

Working at my own pace is what truly led me to enjoy math. I became more confident in my teaching and learning ability through my online learning experience. I added to that confidence in my senior year of high school with AP Calculus, which was also the perfect pace—slower than honors courses yet faster than regular courses. I believe having the correct pace of learning concepts ensures students know the material, instead of memorizing, and enjoy the material more, instead of seeing it as busywork.


The Online School Experience at Falcon View Connections Academy

Students can find their personalized pace and have instant access to reach out and ask teachers questions. I enjoyed that about college, where my professors were an email away. I never felt that way about my high school teachers.

Since Falcon View Connections Academy is a small, online school, the teachers often collaborate on strategies to personalize learning and celebrate with students as they become lifelong learners.

Falcon View Connections Academy equips students with the opportunities and support for them to be successful in learning; in discovering their optimal learning pace; and in self-advocating skills when they have questions—because everyone has questions in life.

Since Falcon View Connections Academy is a small, online school, the teachers often collaborate on strategies to personalize learning and celebrate with students as they become lifelong learners.

— Ms. Olson

Message for Prospective Families Choosing Online School

In this current crazy world, it’s comforting to know that your child has a support system of teachers and administrators who have the training, skills, and drive to encourage and motivate your child to learn and engage with other students, all the teachers, and the academic content. Falcon View Connections Academy isn’t a brick-and-mortar school, yet it embodies the same type of community—where people thrive and succeed.


Hobbies and Interests

In my free time, I read, listen to podcasts or audiobooks, garden, and do other yard work. Weeding has been a more constant thing this summer. I also travel to see family, knit (currently making a 9x13 cover), crochet (I have a huge scrap blanket that I’m maybe a third of the way through), sew (I made curtains and other items for our house this past summer), and go to church. I just married and moved to Minnesota in June 2019, so I’m still a newbie to the weather. Although, I was born in Alaska. Even though we moved to Texas when I was two, that has to give me some cred, right?

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