While attending Minnesota Connections Academy, Sarah made an impression on her teachers. Her high school counselor Ms. Becker says, “Sarah attended our online program as a junior and senior and had many successes. She's bright, energetic, compassionate, and has a drive to be successful in all that she does. Sarah made an effort to take many Honors and AP courses—and her hard work payed off with good grades. She wanted to challenge herself as much as possible and get as much exposure to college-level coursework prior to graduating high school. I am blown away by her passion for school and learning. Sarah is an amazing student who stops at nothing if it leads her in the direction of her future goals. I can honestly say she is one of the top students I have encountered in my nine years of counseling experience."

Sarah is especially interested in the health profession. She regularly volunteered as a biology teacher assistant during school and also volunteered in various roles at three metro-area hospitals prior to her senior year. To learn even more about the field, Sarah participated in multiple programs including Northwestern University's Civic Week: Community Health and Medicine, where she spent spring break analyzing current public health trends and possible solutions to problems.

In 2016, Sarah became one of 15 statewide winners of the NCWIT Aspirations for Women in Computing Award, an award that ultimately helped her land a summer internship with an organization also committed to STEM. Additionally, Sarah was awarded a paid summer internship by STEM Fuse, where she will work full-time with staff to help develop new and improved STEM curricula.

Sarah was accepted into the University of Minnesota to study global studies at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a theme in human rights and justice within southern Asia. Committed to lifelong learning, her goal is to work in the field of public health, hoping to build schools throughout developing nations.

Sarah speaking at her graduation ceremony