High School Student

Kayla is a high school student who has been attending Minnesota Connections Academy since Kindergarten. Her younger sister, Brianna, also attends Minnesota Connections Academy. Kayla loves the flexibility that online school offers, which allows her to focus on her passion for dance and nail art. 

My Online High School Experience

With the flexible schedule at school, I can practice dance as well as nail designs. I can also work at my own pace and take more time with subjects that I'm struggling with. I appreciate how much my teachers care about me and check in on how I am doing. My favorite subjects are math and science because I've always enjoyed math and have been curious about science and how things in our world work.

A memorable moment for me at Minnesota Connections Academy was when I attended a meet and greet at the beginning of the school year with my teachers. It made starting the year much easier.

Kayla attending a field trip to a lighthouse

Future Plans

My goal is to become a nail technician, and Minnesota Connections Academy has prepared me for what I need to do to reach that goal. My teachers help me stay focused by taking everything one step at a time.

Minnesota Connections Academy helps me pursue my dreams by letting me have the ability to set my schedule and learn the best way that works for me.

— Kayla

Kayla at her desk

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